The Veitch Nurseries

Caradoc Doy has been researching the story of the Veitch Nurseries of Exeter & Chelsea and is available for bookings to give illustrated talks.

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The Veitch Heritage Collection

Research has so far covered the nurseries of John Veitch in Killerton, James Veitch in Exeter, later James Veitch & Son, James Veitch & Sons and Robert Veitch & Son, Exeter and the landscapes they shaped. Caradoc has also been researching their plant collectors, leading hybridists and other staff as well as the plants introduced or raised by the Veitch Nurseries. In addition, he has been trying to create a useful archive of information about Veitch and been collecting and growing a range of Veitch-introduced plants in anticipation of one day creating a Veitch Heritage Collection for study, posterity and conservation.

To mark the centenary of its production in 1906, Caradoc published a numbered, limited edition, facsimile re-print of James Veitch & Sons' seminal work, Hortus Veitchii in 2006. By chance, he actually formally published this hardback for the first time in it's 100 year existence as the original copies were produced and given away by Veitch 'for private circulation only' to leading botanists, horticulturists and botanical institutions of the day. Copies are available from leading gardening book dealers or direct from Caradoc Doy.

Coming soon...

Caradoc is currently working on an index of Veitch-introduced plants as listed in Hortus Veitchii which will hopefully become a useful point of reference for those wishing to have a greater understanding of the wide range of plants introduced by Messrs. Veitch. More importantly, I hope this list will form a framework for laying the foundation for the Veitch Heritage Collection of plants, as mentioned above. I am also in the process of building up a seed bank of plants introduced by Veitch, from material already growing in British Isles with a view to expand this collection when possible.

I am currently working on this list and it is my intention to cross reference the list with current botanical names as well as any old or past synonyms. This is a major undertaking and may be published on this site piecemeal.
Caradoc Doy, 8th February 2021

Please contact Caradoc should you have any information relating to the history of the Veitch nurseries. Caradoc is attempting to create an archive of useful information relating to the history of the Veitch Nurseries including past employees or apprentices. He would be delighted to hear from anyone with information of who may have once worked at any of the nurseries.

Particular areas of interest are:
Past employees
Gardens influenced by John Veitch
Gardens landscaped by James Veitch & Sons
Gardens landscaped by Robert Veitch & Son
Receipts and invoices of plants or work supplied by Veitch
Catalogues of James Veitch & Sons
Catalogues of Robert Veitch & Son

The Veitch Heritage Garden

Veitch Heritage Garden, Exeter

If you are in the Exeter area then why not visit the Veitch Heritage Garden located in the middle of Southernhay. There are several interesting information boards there giving a brief synopsis of the Veitch business (written with the help of the late Shirley Heriz-Smith), and has been planted up with a selection of various by hardy plants introduced by the Veitch nurseries of both Exeter and London. It is located at Southernhay, Exeter, Devon, EX1 1PJ.

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Caradoc Doy

Caradoc Doy

Caradoc Doy has a passion for plants and plant conservation, a keen interest in plants, gardens and the designed landscape.

He is a professional horticulturist and an authority on the history of the Veitch Nurseries of Exeter & Chelsea.

Veitch Historian

Caradoc has been researching the history of the Veitch Nurseries of Exeter & Chelsea for many years and is available for bookings to give illustrated talks about this remarkable family business and their plant hunters.

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Caradoc travels widely to give garden talks and is also sometimes available at short notice to cover for illnesses or cancellations.

Growing Olives in the British Isles

Olive Tree

European Olive - Olea europaea 'Peace'.

Caradoc has been growing olive trees since about 1990 and introduced a tough variety into cultivation Olea europaea 'Peace,' also known as the Peace Olive.

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