Plant & Gardening Advice

With a life-long passion for plants, gardens, the landscape and about 30 years professional experience, Caradoc Doy NDH is well-placed to give honest and valued advice on a wide range of gardening challenges. This may include design ideas, planting plans or opinion on appropriate positioning of trees and shrubs, taking into account choosing the best plants for your situation, maintenance requirements and aspect.

Caradoc was trained at Bicton College of Agriculture and Pershore College of Horticulture (achieving a National Diploma in Horticulture) before embarking on a career in the nursery and gardening trade. Over the years he has designed and maintained many gardens and has also created a number of award-winning plant exhibits including the Chelsea Flower Show and the Devon County Show. In this time he has gained a wide knowledge of plants.

Sound Advice will:

  • Save you money

  • Choose the right plants which will flourish in your garden space. Rather than struggling with inappropriate plants for your garden, possibly purchased on impulse, which may not be suitable for the site where they have been planted or may be too vigorous. These could now be taking over and costing you a good deal of maintenance to control.
  • Control Maintenance Costs

  • Careful choice of plants to reduce maintenance costs.
  • May increase the value of your property

  • Consideration of choice plants to enhance the setting of a property and provide all-year-round interest could well pay off dividends when it comes to place your property on the market.
  • Enhance your garden

  • Selecting appropriate plants to help you to enjoy your outdoor space throughout the seasons.
  • Create a special environment

  • For example, be careful selection of specific plants such as a range of fragrant plants, wildlife-friendly plants or plants for flower-arranging.
  • Help deal with a challenging environment

  • Carefully choosing plants which particular tolerances will help to enable gardens to survive or even flourish in challenging seaside conditions, dry, wet, shady, or nutrient-poor soils present their own particular difficulties for establishing plants.

Please contact Caradoc if you would like further details of his rates and availability.

Last updated 8th January 2018

Caradoc Doy

Caradoc Doy

Caradoc Doy has a passion for plants and plant conservation, a keen interest in gardens and the designed landscape.

He is a self-employed horticulturist and an authority on the history of the Veitch Nurseries of Exeter & Chelsea.

Veitch Historian

Caradoc has been researching the history of the Veitch Nurseries of Exeter & Chelsea for many years and is available for bookings to give illustrated talks about this remarkable family business and their plant hunters.

Gardening Talks & Tours

Caradoc travels widely to give gardening talks and is also sometimes available at short notice to cover for illnesses or cancellations.

Growing Olives in the British Isles

Olive Tree

European Olive - Olea europaea 'Peace'.

Caradoc has been growing olive trees since about 1990 and introduced a tough variety into cultivation Olea europaea 'Peace,' also known as the Peace Olive.

Currently stock is very limited. Please make contact should you be interested in a Peace Olive tree.

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Click here to see a range of items for sale from Caradoc Doy including the re-print of Hortus Veitchii, olive tree feed and greetings cards.

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Useful Links

Some useful links to some of the world's leading botanic gardens, plant societies, garden history societies and horticultural associations.

Caradoc Doy ~ Devon-based Horticulturist, Veitch Historian, Garden Consultant and Garden Tour Guide