Caradoc Doy:
Devon-based Freelance Horticulturist,
Garden Speaker,
Researcher and Veitch Historian


Caradoc Doy is an experienced horticulturist with about 25 years experience. He is based in Topsham, near Exeter in Devonshire, England.


Caradoc is available for hire to give personalised plant and garden advice for private clients or the garden trade. His advice is sought for creating planting plans as well as general advice for the best plants to grow in various aspects of a client's garden and where to find them.

Garden Speaker

Caradoc travels widely to give talks and lectures of various gardening subjects and is an authority on the history of plants introduced during the Victorian period, particularly relating to the Veitch Nurseries of Exeter and Chelsea.

Olive Grower

Caradoc has been growing olive trees for over 25 years and has brought a unique olive variety into cultivation known as The Peace Olive, Olea europaea 'Peace.' He has gained useful experience on the growing of olive trees in the British Isles which he is happy to share with others and is the subject of one of his gardening talks.


Caradoc is a keen supporter of plant-conserving organisations and the urgent need to save and secure plant biodiversity for the benefit of nature and mankind for today and the future.


Caradoc produced a well-received centenary facsimile reprint of Hortus Veitchii in 2006 which is considered the authoritive work relating to the many hundreds of plants introduced by Veitch Nurseries of Exeter and Chelsea. Caradoc is currently working on a number of other Veitch-related publications.

Caradoc Doy

Caradoc Doy has a passion for plants and a keen interest in gardens and landscape, plant conservation and professional horticulture.

Caradoc is self-employed horticulturist, and an authority on the history of the Veitch Nurseries of Exeter & Chelsea.

Veitch Historian

Caradoc is a keen researcher on the history of the Veitch Nurseries of Exeter & Chelsea and is available for bookings to give illustrated talks and garden tours on the plants introduced by Veitch.

Please contact Caradoc if you have any information relating to the history of the Veitch nurseries. Caradoc is attempting to create an archive of useful information relating to the history of the Veitch Nurseries including past employees or apprentices. He would be delighted to hear from anyone with information of who may have once worked at any of the nurseries.

Gardening Talks & Tours

Horticulturist Caradoc Doy travels widely to give talks and demonstrations, and is happy to present on a wide range of horticultural and gardening subjects.

He is also available at short notice to cover for illnesses or cancellations.

Olive Trees ~ Delivered to your Doorstep in the UK

Olive Tree

European Olive - Olea europaea 'Peace'.

Caradoc has been successfully cultivating a variety of European Olive - Olea europaea 'Peace' - outdoors in Britain since the 1990s.

These are now available to be delivered to your address in Great Britain, Northern Ireland, The Isle of Man and The Channel Islands.

Trees are packed with extreme care and sent by secure carrier or first-class post for swift delivery. » See More...

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Caradoc Doy ~ Devon-based Horticulturist, Veitch Historian, Garden Consultant and Garden Tour Guide